Why to fly in USA?

Learning to fly and become a pilot in the United States provides greater opportunities and advantages:

1. English proficiency

Communicating is one of the most important parts of flying. If you can’t communicate efficiently while flying, then you may find yourself in unsafe conditions.

The best way to become proficient in the English language is to speak it every day. English is the language of aviation. Take advantage of every opportunity… from ordering a lunch with your flight instructor, to talking to Air Traffic Control in flight, you’ll do it in English every day!

2. The Flight infrastructure

Flying in the USA is better than flying anywhere else in the world because of its aeronautical infrastructure. Large and small airports throughout the country, literally everywhere you can spot a place to take off or land… paved unpaved, soft-field, and more. There are also an abundance of approaches and approach systems (precision and non-precision) that our student pilots can take advantage of in order to gain experience and skills.

3. American culture

America, USA, or the United States of America — a country that is known to be the cultural, financial, and economic center of the globe. People of all kinds and professions from students, nomads, musicians, actors, and businessmen to entrepreneurs, America have it all.


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