Why Sky Aviation Club?

Do you want to achieve your dreams and become an Airline Pilot? You are in the right place! All you need is passion, dedication and to join our team!

We offer you the best opportunity to develop your career as a Pilot in a professional, customized and international way.

If you need to improve your English, count on us!

The quality of our aircraft has a major impact on your flight training. Our Top-notch maintenance and the ability to resolve issues before they arise is the key to keeping an operational and safe fleet. In many international flight schools standards are not as high when it comes to maintenance, this might result in a portion of the fleet being grounded and students not flying as often as they should. Our aircraft are always in great condition and maintained with excellence, providing our students with the resources and safety that they need for learning and succeed….You’ll always be flying with a smile on your face!

We offer HOUSING!



Just steps from the UWG east campus, and minutes away from our hangars… Bellamy Carrollton apartments puts student residents close to not only the university and Greek Row, but also restaurants, shops, public transportation, and of course a Starbucks for your morning coffee.

Floor plans are available for three-, four-, and five-bedroom apartments so you can choose how many roommates you want.

Sought after student amenities include a Zoom room, study pods, full-service gym, pool, and grilling area — and that’s just the beginning. Learn more about Bellamy Carrollton, a vibrant, pet-friendly apartment community today. Explore our website now!

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